Chapter 9. Community Announcements

Counter Culture Labs is a new community lab for the East Bay, focused on DIY biology and citizen science. It’s a place to explore, learn, work on fun projects, and tinker with biology and other sciences, and it’s open to biotech professionals, scientists, and citizen scientists of all stripes. Come be part of our community of creative thinkers, hackers, and mad scientists! We are currently organizing ourselves, looking for a space to build our lab, and running meetups. Planned meetup topics include Instructables build nights, an ongoing bioinformatics series, the Science of Taste, and DIY testing of water for bacterial contamination. More info at and

We are excited to announce Build My Lab, a DIY lab equipment design competition hosted by Tekla Labs and Instructables. Tekla Labs is a UC Berkeley–based nonprofit organization striving to empower scientists worldwide by providing online instructions for building laboratory equipment from locally available materials. Submit your designs for laboratory equipment from September 2nd to December 16th for your chance to win one of our fantastic prizes including a 3D printer, dremels, and more. To find out more and keep up to date on all things Tekla, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @teklalabs.

Upcoming Events

Participate in our virtual journal club every other Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST via Join for more information.

Check out these links for information on DIY biology courses and events near you:

Sunnyvale, California:
Counter Culture Labs
Oakland, California:
LA Biohackers
Los Angeles, California:
Seattle, Washington: Check out the Brain Dissection class with cofounder Bergen McMurray on October 26th at 2pm.
Brooklyn, New York: Attend the Crash Course to Biotech class taught by cofounder Ellen Jorgensen.
Baltimore, Maryland: Check out the Build-a-BUG series to learn the basic techniques used in synthetic biology.
Brightwork Co-Research
Houston, Texas:
DIYbio Montreal
Montreal, Canada: Check their meetup page for upcoming events and classes.
Victoria, Canada:
London Hackspace
London, United Kingdom: Attend one of the many recurring meetups, such as biohacking or 3D printing.

SynBioBeta has a few events coming up in the fall. We are running a number of introductory to synthetic biology courses in San Francisco, London, and Cambridge. We are also planning a number of advanced courses. In addition, the yearly "Startup Ecosystem" event will be held on Friday, November 15th in Mission Bay, San Francisco. This event offers a focal point for the syn bio startup community to meet and hear about the latest advances in the field and network with potential investors and partners. All are welcome to attend, and discounts to all our events are available to biohackers.