"LiftScreen", Problem
& (combining) selectors, Solution
200 status code, Solution, Discussion
403 (forbidden) statuses, Solution
404 (Empty) pages, Discussion
404 (not found) pages, Problem
404 status, Discussion
500 (internal server) error, Solution
@ selector expressions, Solution


access control, Problem
access not allowed error message, Discussion
AFNetworking, Discussion
file upload tool, Problem
form processing via, Problem
server-side code triggering, ProblemSee Also
setting CSS class, Problem
ajaxCall, Discussion, ajaxCall: receiving an arbitrary client-side string
ajaxInvoke, ProblemSee Also
ajaxSelect, Solution
alert dialog boxes, Discussion
Amazon Elastic Block Storage, Discussion
Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon Load Balancer
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk, Problem
Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS), Host IP and port number, Solution
AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), Solution
andThen selector expressions, Solution
AsciiDoc markup language, Discussion
Assembla, Solution
associations, removing, Discussion
attributes, Discussion
for databases, Discussion
for email, Problem
authentication tokens, Solutions
autocomplete suggestions, ProblemSee Also
alternative libraries for, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript
jQuery UI for, Solution
new values and, Submitting new values
query/callback functions, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript
Typeahead, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript
autoscaling, Multiple instances


Beanstalk, Problem
binary compatibility, Solution, See Also
binary data uploads, Discussion, Problem
Boot.scala, Source code
Bootstrap, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript
avoiding caching, Problem
detecting features in, HTML5 date pickers
downloads vs. visits, Problem
field focus in, Problem
handling session loss, Problem
loading pages without refresh, Problem
reloading, Problem, Discussion, Discussion
running code on session creation/destruction, Problem
session affinity, Discussion, Multiple instances
using legacy, Solution
BsonRecord, Solution
bugs, reporting of, Problem
build.sbt, contents, Simple Build Tool, Discussion


chat sessions, Problem, Solution
conditional disablement of, Problem
multiple options, Problem
Chrome, date picker format, HTML5 date pickers
class attributes, Appending to a class attribute
Class Not Found error message, Problem
clickable links, Problem, Problem
ClickStart Applications, ClickStarts
cloud services, Discussion, Discussion
CloudBees, ProblemSee Also
Cmd+click shortcut, Discussion
code changes, contributing, Problem
code sharing, modules for, ProblemSee Also
and CloudBees, Discussion
and Heroku, Discussion
and multiple servers, ProblemSee Also
executing JavaScript with, Problem
conditional checks, Problem
conditional comments, Problem
containerless deployment, Discussion
and CloudBees, Container version
deployment to, Production Deployment
troubleshooting, Discussion
types of, Running your application
upload size limits, Discussion
content types, setting, Discussion
to Lift Cookbook, Contributors
to Lift Web Framework, Problem, Problem
controlled access, Problem
cookies, Solution
CouchDB, Solution
created time, Discussion
CSS caching, Problem
CSS classes, setting on Ajax forms, Problem
CSS selectors
and disabled attribute, Problem
applying to earlier expressions, Problem
setting meta tag contents with, Problem
syntax for, See Also
testing/debugging, Problem
currency, Problem
custom HTTP status pages, Problem
custom validation logic, Problem


Data Table (Spec2), Data table
database constraint errors, Discussion
database persistence
with MongoDB and Record, MongoDB Persistence with RecordSee Also
with Squeryl Record module, Relational Database Persistence with Record and SquerylDiscussion
alternative, Discussion
cleanup after testing, Database cleanup
configuring connections to, Discussion, RDBMS configuration, Database access in Heroku
in-memory, Solution
RDS instances of, Working with a database
viewing, Problem
Databinder library, Discussion
date pickers, Problem
DBTestKit trait, Discussion, Discussion
dbType, Solution
debugging requests, Problem
dependencies, naming conventions of, Discussion, Discussion
dependency injection, Discussion
dialog boxes, Discussion
directory structure, Discussion
Dispatch library, Problem
documentation, contribution of, Problem
documents, embedding in database records, Problem
downloads, triggering, Problem
drag-and-drop support, Problem
Drebel plugin, Discussion
DRY URLs, Problem


earlyResponse function, Problem
Eclipse IDE, development in, Problem, Running tests in IDEs
Elastic Beanstalk, Problem
element selectors, Problem
.com missing from address, Missing .com from Email Addresses
attachments, Problem
authenticated, Problem
HTML, Discussion
logging vs. sending, Problem
plain-text, Problem
Enterprise Java, Solution
enumerations, Enumerations, Problem
EnumNabeField, Problem
error messages
404 (Empty) pages, Discussion
404 (not found) pages, Problem
500 (internal server), Solution
access not allowed, Discussion
Class Not Found, Problem
clickable links in, Problem
database constraint errors, Discussion
file access, Solution
from validation process, Discussion
java.lang.ClassCastException, What a MongoMapField can contain
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space, Discussion
referential integrity exception, Discussion
exception handlers, Problem
exceptions, catching, Problem
explanation pages, Solution


F3 shortcut, Discussion
field focus, Problem
field validation, Problem, Problem
access control to, Problem
container-specific configuration, Container version
JAR files, Discussion
local vs. cloud storage of, Discussion
recovering filename suffixes, Problem
suffix matching, Problem
uploading, Problem, Problem, Problem
WAR files, Solution, Problem, Problem
filters, Solution
floating-point values, Problem
FocusOnLoad command, Problem
forbidden (403) status pages, Solution
formGroup function, Submit styling
forms processing
Ajax JSON format, ProblemAdditional commands
autocomplete suggestions, ProblemSee Also
collecting values from, Collecting the value on form submission
conditional disablement, Problem
date picker input, Problem
field validation, Problem, Problem
file upload, Problem
HTML input fields, Discussion
multiple selections, ProblemSee Also
radio buttons, ProblemString values
routine (non-Ajax) methods, Problem
via Ajax, Problem
Foursquare’s domain-specific language (DSL), Problem
delayed execution of, Problem
hidden, Selecting no options
identity, Discussion
order of execution, Submit styling
server-side code and, Problem
testing of, Problem
triggering with HTML select option, Problem


geospatial indexes, Problem
Google Sitemaps, Problem
guard conditions, Discussion, Discussion


H2 Database Engine, Problem, Solution
hash maps, Problem
head section, adding to, Problem
help, accessing, Problem
Heroku, ProblemSee Also
hidden fields, Submit styling, Discussion
hidden functions, Selecting no options
hooks, Problem, Problem, Discussion
and multiple servers, ProblemSee Also
with CloudBees, ProblemSee Also
with Elastic Beanstalk, Problem
with Heroku, ProblemSee Also
conditional comments, Problem
email, Discussion
meta tags, Problem
moving JavaScript to end of pages, Problem
select options, Problem
date pickers, HTML5 date pickers
email semantics, Discussion
markup issues, Discussion
parser, Discussion, Problem
header access restriction, Problem
interaction, Problem
POSTs from iOS devices, Problem
status codes, Problem, Discussion
HTTPS use, forcing, Problem
HttpServletRequest access, Problem


identity functions, Discussion
storing within a record, Solution
uploading, Problem
in-memory mode, Discussion, Solution
initWithSquerylSession, Solution
InMemoryResponse, InMemoryResponse
IntelliJ IDEA development environment, Problem, Running tests in IDEs
interactive development, CSS selector debugging, Problem
internal server (500) error messages, Solution
internationalisation, Discussion
Internet Explorer, conditional comments, Problem
iOS applications, HTTP POSTs from, Problem


JAR files, Discussion
Java Mail, Discussion
Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Problem, Discussion, RDBMS configuration
Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
and CloudBees, Java version
troubleshooting, Discussion, Discussion, Discussion, Discussion
Java, installation of, Solution
java.lang.ClassCastException, What a MongoMapField can contain
caching, Problem
client-side function triggering with, Problem
custom messages, Discussion
executing with Comet actor, Problem
field focus with, Problem
moving to page end, Problem
running a template with, Problem
server-side function triggering with, Solution
JBoss, Container version
Jetty, Running your application, Discussion, Discussion, Production Deployment
jlift.js JavaScript library, Solution
jQuery File Upload widget, Problem
jQuery UI autocomplete, Solution
jQuery UI date picker, Solution
license for, Solutions, Purchased licenses
reducing restarts with, Discussion, Discussion
JSON DSL, Solution
JSON format
form processing in, ProblemAdditional commands
returning from REST calls, Problem
jsonCall, Discussion, jsonCall: receiving a JSON value
JsonHandler class, Solution
JSoup, Discussion
JVM persistence mechanisms, Discussion


latitude/longitude information, Problem
license, for JRebel, Solutions, Purchased licenses
Lift applications
authenticated email, Problem
autoscaling of, Multiple instances
basic instructions, Solution
code execution at shutdown of, Problem
creating from scratch, Solution
delayed tasks, Problem
Eclipse IDE development, Problem, Running tests in IDEs
email attachments, Problem
email logging, Problem
fetching URLs, Problem
forced to be stateless, Problem
HTML email, Problem
HTML generation, HTMLSee Also
IntelliJ IDEA development, Problem, Running tests in IDEs
lift_proto.db H2 database for, Problem
plain-text email in, Problem
production deployment of, Production DeploymentSee Also
repeat tasks, Problem
running, Running your application
source code for, Source code
speeding development of, Discussion
Squeryl-Record configuration, Problem
(see also Record-Squeryl Lift applications)
standard layout of, Discussion
text editor development, Problem
Textile markup rendering, Problem
verification of, Solution
Lift community, Problem
Lift Cookbook
code use permissions, Using Code Examples, Licensing
contributors, Contributors
projects for, Source
software versions used in, Software Versions, Problem
submitting recipes to, Problem
Lift JSON domain-specific language (DSL), Solution
Lift mailing list, Problem
Lift modules, Discussion, Solution
Lift Web Framework
accessing help, Problem
as designer-friendly, Solution
bug reports, Problem
ClickStart Applications, ClickStarts
CSS selector transforms, Discussion, Problem, Solution
downloading, Problem
form processing in, Forms Processing in LiftSee Also
latest build of, Problem
learning more about, Discussion
Lift MongoDB dependencies, Solution
modules for code sharing, Problem
prerequisites, Preface
snippets in, Discussion
Squeryl Record module, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
stateful features of, Discussion, Solution, Discussion, Multiple instances
submitting improvements to, Problem
Textile module, Problem
view first approach of, Source code, HTML
vs. conventional software, Discussion
Widgets module, Solution
Lift wiki page, Solution
.early, Discussion
.earlyInStateful, Discussion
.earlyInStateless, Discussion
.noCometSessionCmd, Problem, Discussion
.onBeginServicing, Solution
.unloadHooks, Solution
custom layout, Problem
LiftSession hooks, Solution
lift_basic H2 database, Problem
clickable, Problem
types of, Types of link
load balancers, Amazon Load Balancer, Production Deployment, Multiple instances
location information, Problem
Location Parameters, Discussion, Via SiteMap
locparam, Discussion, Via SiteMap
logging, Problem, Problem, Discussion


Mailer, Problem, Problem, Discussion, Problem
Mailer.authenticator, Solution
Mailer.devModeSend, Problem
mailing list, for help with Lift, Problem
many-to-many relationships, SolutionDiscussion
mapped fields, Problem
Markdown, Discussion
Maven-based Jenkins build, ClickStarts
meta tag contents, setting, Problem
milestone releases, Discussion
minimum/maximum length validation, Discussion
mock requests, Problem
modules, for code sharing, ProblemSee Also
connecting to, Problem
document embedding, Problem
enumeration storage, Problem
hash map storage, Problem
latitude/longitude information, Problem
linked records, Problem
queries with Scala console, Problem
querying/updating records, Problem
unit tests, ProblemSee Also
MongoHQ, Database cleanup
MongoLabs, Database cleanup
MongoMapFields, What a MongoMapField can contain
MongoRefField, Solution
Motto example, Solution
multiple selections, Problem
MySQL, Problem, Problem, Working with a database


of dependencies, Discussion
page titles, Problem
recovering filename suffixes, Problem
Netty library, Discussion
not found messages, Problem


object-relational mapping, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
ObjectIdRefField, Solution
onBeginServicing function, Solution
one-to-many relationships, ProblemSee Also
onEvent, onEvent: receiving the value of a DOM element, Collecting the value on form submission
OutputSteamResponse, Problem


page not found (404 error) message, Problem
page titles, Problem
parallel tests, Parallel tests
parameters, manual selection of, Discussion
PassThru transform, Problem
permanent generation, Discussion, Discussion
port numbers, See Also, Host IP and port number
PostgreSQL service, Database access in Heroku
production deployments
databases for, Discussion
to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk, Problem
to CloudBees, ProblemSee Also
to Heroku, ProblemSee Also
production releases, Discussion
progress bars, Problem
public hostnames, Host IP and port number
publish/subscribe (pubsub) model, Problem


by reference, Querying by reference
of location information, Querying
with Scala console, Problem
query parameters, Problem
questions about Lift, how to ask, Problem


RabbitMQ message service, Solution
radio buttons, ProblemString values, Problem
RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), RDBMS configuration, Working with a database
Record, configuration of, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
Record-Squeryl Lift applications
configuring, Problem
custom validation logic for, Problem
field validation in, Problem
JNDI data sources for, Problem
many-to-many relationships in, SolutionDiscussion
modifying values before storage, ProblemSee Also
MySQLs character set encoding, Problem
one-to-many relationships in, ProblemSee Also
random value column storage, Problem
SQL logging, Problem
testing with Specs, ProblemSee Also
timestamps in, Problem
linking, Problem
querying/updating, Problem
searching for, Querying by reference
redundancy, Problem
querying by, Querying by reference
types of, Types of link
updating/deleting, Updating and deleting
referential integrity exception, Discussion
regular expression validation, Discussion
release candidates, Discussion
releases repository, Discussion
replacement rules, Discussion, Submit styling
reporting bugs, Problem
reports, generating, Discussion
request buffering, Discussion
request pipeline
access-controlled files, Problem
catching exceptions, Problem
code execution at shutdown, Problem
code execution on session creation/destruction, Problem
controlling, Request Pipeline
debugging requests, Problem
diagrams of, Request Pipeline
forcing HTTPS use, Problem
HTTP header access restriction, Problem
HttpServletRequest access, Problem
shortcutting, Discussion
stateless mode, Problem
streaming content, Problem
configuring, Discussion
creating mock, Problem
debugging, Problem
processing with S.param, Solution
resource ID attribute, Solution
REST web services, RESTSee Also
and report generation, Discussion
avoiding URL repeats, Problem
file suffix matching, Problem
file uploads, Problem
Google Sitemaps, Problem
image uploads, Problem
native iOS applications and, Problem
preserving .com URL endings, Missing .com from Email Addresses
recovering filename suffixes, Problem
returning JSON, Problem
RestHelper, Discussion, REST, Solution
Rogue, Problem


addAround, Solution, Discussion
appendJs, Solution, Submitting new values, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript, Problem, Solution
attr, Discussion
error, Problem, Solution, Discussion
formGroup, Submit styling
getrequest, Discussion
getRequestHeadter(name), Discussion
get_?, Discussion
hostName, Solution
init, Solution, Solution
notice, Problem, Discussion, Solution, Collecting the value on form submission, Solution, Solution
param, Solution, Discussion
params(name), Discussion
post_?, Discussion
putInHead, Solution
redirectTo, Discussion, Solution, Solution
render, Solution, Discussion
request, Solution, Problem, Discussion, Problem
session, Solution
warning messages, Problem
S3 bucket, Discussion
Safari, date picker format, HTML5 date pickers
binary compatibility in, Solution, See Also
changing versions of, Problem
client-side actions and, Problem
interactive queries, Problem
relational database conversion, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
REPL CSS selector testing, Solution
Stream class, Solution
type-safe options, Discussion
Scala IDE for Eclipse plugin, Solution
Schedule, Problem, Problem
file access control, Problem
form-based attacks, Discussion
select boxes, Problem
SendGrid, Discussion
server-side code
triggering with buttons, Problem
triggering with HTML select option, Problem
session affinity, Discussion, Multiple instances
session hooks, Problem
session loss, Problem
setFilter, Solution
SetHtml, Solution
ajaxCall, Discussion, ajaxCall: receiving an arbitrary client-side string
ajaxSelect, Solution
jsonCall, Discussion, jsonCall: receiving a JSON value
jsonForm method, Solution
onEvent, onEvent: receiving the value of a DOM element, Collecting the value on form submission
text input field, Solution
shutdown hooks, Discussion
shutdown, code execution at, Problem
SIGTERM, Discussion
Simple Build Tool (SBT)
command history in, Discussion
configuration of, Solution
Eclipse plugin for, Solution, Running tests in IDEs
standard layout with, Discussion
starting, Simple Build Tool
text editor development with, Solution
triggered execution mode, Discussion
unit tests in, Solution
using CloudBees with, Solution
using Elastic Beanstalk with, Problem
using JRebel with, Solutions
SiteMap, Problem
sitemap structure, Problem
SMTP servers, Discussion, Problem
snapshot releases, Problem
snippet invocation, Source code
snippets, Discussion, Problem, Problem, Solution, Problem, Problem, Problem
source code, Source code, Discussion
Specs2, Data table, Problem, Problem
SQL databases, RDBMS configuration
SQL logging, Problem
SQL-like queries, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
SQL-Server, Working with a database
Squeryl Record module, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
Squeryl, configuring, Relational Database Persistence with Record and Squeryl
stash function, Solution
stateless mode, Problem
sticky sessions, Discussion, Multiple instances
streaming content, Solution, Problem
StreamingResponse, StreamingResponse
submit buttons, Discussion, Problem
(see also radio buttons)
submit styling, Submit styling
superclass changes, Discussion


tables, viewing in databases, Problem
TagSoup, Discussion
delayed execution of, Problem
repeat execution of, Problem
adding to the head section, Problem
for CloudBees, ClickStarts
for Lift Cookbook submissions, Solution
loading without browser refresh, Problem
using Google Sitemaps with, Problem
using IE HTML conditional comments in, Problem
text editors, development with, Problem
text localization, Discussion
Textile markup, Problem, Discussion
timeouts, See Also
timestamps, Problem
titles, page titles, Problem
Tomcat, Running your application, Discussion, Discussion, Production Deployment, Container version, Problem, Solution
topics, Solution
triggered execution mode, Discussion
Tschan, Sebastian, Problem
Twitter Bootstrap, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript
type ascription, Discussion
type-safe options, Type-safe options, Discussion, Problem
Typeahead component, Alternative autocomplete JavaScript, See Also


UI elements, wired, Problem
unexpected response (404) status, Discussion
UniqueIdField, Problem
unit tests
H2’s in-memory mode and, Discussion
with Specs2, ProblemSee Also, ProblemSee Also
unload hooks, Problem
unparsed XML content, Discussion
updated time, Discussion
avoiding repeats, Problem
database connection with, Discussion
fetching, Problem, Database access in Heroku
preserving .com endings, Missing .com from Email Addresses
UTF-8 character set, Problem, Discussion


validation, Problem, Problem
collecting upon form submission, Collecting the value on form submission
embedding in database records, Problem, Discussion
geospatial, Problem
modifying before storage, ProblemSee Also
storage in a column, Problem
video streaming, Solution
view first approach
CSS selectors and, HTML
definition of, Source code


WAR files, Solution, Problem, Problem
web containers, Discussion, Discussion, Discussion
(see also containers)
whitespace, removing, Problem
wire formats, for dates, Discussion
wired cells, formatting, Problem
WiringUI.toNode method, Problem
Wizard, Discussion


XHTML parser, Discussion
XHTMLMailBodyType, Discussion
XHTMLPPlusImages, Problem


ZeroTurnaround, Purchased licenses