Chapter 1. Getting Comfortable with Erlang

You can learn more about working with erl in Chapter 2 of Erlang Programming, Chapters 2 and 6 of Programming Erlang, Section 2.1 of Erlang and OTP in Action, and Chapter 1 of Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good!.

Étude 1-1: Experimenting with Errors

The first chapter of Introducing Erlang encourages you to play around with the interactive erl system. In this étude, keep using erl, but purposely make errors.

Try leaving out parentheses in arithmetic expressions. Try putting numbers next to each other without an operator between them. Try adding "adam" to 12. Make up variable names that you are sure Erlang wouldn’t ever accept.

That way, you’ll get a feel for the sort of error messages Erlang produces and not be as baffled when you get errors that you aren’t expecting.