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Aaron Frost has been in software development since 2005. He got his start as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and quickly gained momentum in front-end automation. With some schooling and after several years of experience in testing, Aaron made the switch to software development while working for the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, UT, where he is currently employed. He has focused on several projects there, most of which are Java Stack / Oracle web apps. Currently Aaron develops native-web mobile apps for the over-50,000 servicemen/women worldwide. After discovering his passion for JavaScript, Aaron switched his career path from back-end development to front-end open web development.

JS.next: A Manager’s Guide

Aaron Frost

JS.next is the most significant change to JavaScript since its initial release in 1995. JS.next educates JavaScript developers, from novice to expert, about the impact that JS.next has had on the language, and demonstrates the powerful new constructs that are accessible in the JS.next API. Complete with code examples, the references and explanations will bring your knowledge of JavaScript into the now, and will jump start any developers ability to code in modern JavaScript.

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