Enhanced with examples hosted on JS Bin, courtesy of Remy Sharp and his company, Left Logic.

About the Author

Shelley Powers has been working with, and writing about, web technologies—from the first release of JavaScript to the latest graphics and design tools—for more than 17 years. Her recent O’Reilly books have covered Node, the semantic web, Ajax, JavaScript, and web graphics. Shelley is also interested in food safety, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and writing. Her primary web site is at http://burningbird.net.

JavaScript Cookbook

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Enjoy this complimentary excerpt from JavaScript Cookbook featuring interactive examples that illustrate how to use JavaScript to manipulate strings, arrays, and graphics.

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JavaScript Cookbook is chock-full of code recipes that address common programming tasks, as well as techniques for building web apps that work in any browser. Just copy and paste the code samples into your project -- you’ll get the job done faster and learn more about JavaScript in the process.

  • Create interactive web and desktop applications
  • Work with JavaScript objects, such as String, Array, Number, and Math
  • Use JavaScript with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and the canvas element
  • Store data in various ways, from the simple to the complex
  • Program the new HTML5 audio and video elements
  • Implement concurrent programming with Web Workers
  • Use and create jQuery plug-ins
  • Use ARIA and JavaScript to create fully accessible rich internet applications