Chapter 11. Projects

This chapter contains interesting projects that illustrate patterns described in prior chapters and show interesting examples of new ways people are learning to code. (Versus using a plain old book or reference website.) If you find a new project, add it here and try to note what is interesting about it, and which (if any) of the patterns it uses.


CoderPad is a structured sandbox that allows two people to share screens (presumably, a interviewer and a job candidate.) It’s built using jsrepl, which powers a few other sites, like udemy and (I think, at least in an earlier incarnation) codecademy.


gamingjs is sandbox-like code editor that accompanies a book published by the Prags. We don’t know a lot about this yet. It uses the Ace Editor.

Nature of Code

Nature of Code is Dan Shiffman’s interactive book on modeling natural systems in Processing. It’s got a number of really cool features:

  • Running processing sketches that are sourced in at build time
  • An open github repo for contributors at shiffman/The-Nature-of-Code
  • An innovative payment system that allows you to set your own price


pythonmonk is a free, interactive tutorials to help you learn Python in your browser. It uses an unstructured sandbox approach to guide you through a series of lessons. It’s free.


voxeljs is a javascript-based minecraft clone. It’s a wonderful, sprawling project that has a game player, creature creators, world editors, and project sharing. It’s not a documentation project so much as it is an example of an emerging application, but it’s so cool that we need to pay attention to.