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Nellie McKesson is the Digital Development Manager at O’Reilly Media, where she focuses on front-end Web(ish) development projects, including ebook design and implementation both for devices and the Web, as well as overseeing internal tooling development projects. @NellieMcKesson

Chris Wilson is an Open Web Platform Developer Advocate working on Chrome. He began working on web browsers in 1993 when he co-authored the original Windows version of NCSA Mosaic, went on to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer for fifteen years, and joined Google in 2010. He has a particular interest in enabling awesome user experiences on the web platform, and is a long-time participant in various web standards working groups. In his free time, he enjoys photography and hiking with his wife and daughter (and their soon-to-be second child), and scuba diving in the tropics as well as the chilly waters of Puget Sound as a PADI Assistant Instructor. You can keep up with Chris on Twitter (http://twitter.com/cwilso) and Flickr (http://flickr.com/photos/cwilso).

Show, Dont Tell

Fluent 2013 Keynote by Nellie McKesson and Chris Wilson

Join Nellie and Chris to talk about how Web technology is driving the evolution of reading and writing, and what O'Reilly is doing about it. View their talk outline and slides, or watch the full talk as presented at Fluent Conference 2013.

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