About the Editors

@NinaDiPrimio is a postdoc in synthetic biology at UC Berkeley with expertise in virology and gene therapy. When not playing with DNA, Nina facilitates scientific communication within the DIY biology community.

@mikeloukides is Vice President of Content Strategy for O’Reilly Media, Inc. He’s particularly interested in programming languages, Unix and what passes for Unix these days, and system and network administration. Most recently, he’s been fooling around with data and data analysis, languages like R, Mathematica, and Octave, and thinking about how to make books social.


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We’re at the start of a revolution that will transform our lives as radically as the computer revolution of the 70s. The biological revolution will touch every aspect of our lives: food and health, certainly, but also art, recreation, law, business, and much more.

BioCoder is the newsletter of that revolution. It’s about biology as it moves from research labs into startup incubators, hacker spaces, and even homes. It’s about a very old programming language that we’re just beginning to understand, and that’s written in a code made up of organic chemicals. It’s the product of a sharing community of scientists that stretches from grade school to post docs and university faculty.

BioCoder features:

  • Articles about interesting projects and experiments
  • Articles about tools, both those you buy and those you build
  • Visits to DIYbio laboratories
  • Profiles of key people in the community
  • Announcements of events and other items of interest
  • Safety pointers and tips about good laboratory practice
  • Anything that’s interesting or useful: you tell us!

    If you’d like to contribute, send email to BioCoder@oreilly.com. Tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll get you started.